Richmond, VA – On Wednesday, April 11th, the House of Delegates convened for a Special Session to establish a budget for Virginia. At the core of the debate is the proposed expansion of Medicaid.

Del. Ransone wholeheartedly opposes Medicaid expansion. First and foremost, the fiscal impact of this proposal is undeniable. A vote to expand Medicaid is a vote to raise taxes, or reduce spending on our other priorities in the near future. Not only is federal funding reduced over time, but the costs associated with Medicaid expansion have consistently been underestimated.

The negative impacts of Obamacare on the Commonwealth of Virginia are unmistakable. Premiums continue to rise and insurers continue to leave the market. Expanding Medicaid will continue these negative outcomes indefinitely, and make Obamacare all the more difficult to repeal.

The General Assembly will reconvene on Wednesday, April 18th for the Veto Session, and to hopefully finalize a budget. Del. Ransone will not vote for any budget featuring Medicaid expansion.