Sgt. Steven Vick of the Virginia State Police said that several crashes on the

Robert O. Norris, Jr. Bridge are being blamed on drivers trying to beat the

signal light and rear-end collissions due to driver inattention.


On Wednesday, June 14th, a vehicle waiting in line at the light was rear-

ended by another vehicle. On Saturday, June 17th, a three-car crash occurred

when a driver rammed two other vehicles stopped at the light. Then on

Sunday, June 18th, two Harley Davidson motorcycles were stopped at the

light when a third Harley Davidson motorcycle drove into them.



Traffic crossing the center span of the Norris bridge is down to one lane 24-

hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week for up to a year while crews work to remove

rust and then repaint the steel structure. Automated signal lights were

installed on the bridge at either end of the work zone to move traffic, one

direction at a time.


According to Sgt. Vick, troopers situated in the work zone have observed

instances of vehicles traveling speeds in excess of 60 mph in order to beat

the lights.

In all the cases, the lights were functioning properly.