Ceremonial Easement Signing

Virginia Indian LeadersGov. Bob McDonnell will join Virginia Indian leaders at a site along the York River in Gloucester that was the seat of power for Powhatan. The occasion Friday will be the ceremonial signing of an easement that forever preserves what archaeologists and Indians believe was the town of Werowocomoco (Wehr-oh-woh-KAHM-uh-koh), where Powhatan ruled as paramount chief over a complex empire that included up to 20,000 Indians at the time of Jamestown’s settlement more than 400 years ago. The 58 acres is also believed to be where Powhatan’s young daughter Pocahontas interceded with her father to save the life of Capt. John Smith, though Indians and historians have questioned that narrative. The state Department of Historic Resources purchased the development rights of the property for $600,000.