Cyber Monday was a chaotic time in Lancaster County with several incidents that occurred around the same time.

Late Monday evening a person suffering from dementia was reported missing in the Morattico area. After a two-hour search she was found safe and returned home.

Around 5pm a power transmission line caught on fire in Lancaster and it affected about 3500 customers. Power was completely restored by 8pm.

The sheriff’s office also received a domestic call in which shots were reported to be fired on Wildflower Lane outside of Kilmarnock.

Also the Kilmarnock Police Department received a call from the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office that a white male and female passed a $2500 bad check at the Burgess Branch of Sonabank and that a wallet was stolen from a customer in the bank.

Then a few minutes later the couple tried to pass a bad check at the Kilmarnock Branch of Sonabank but were turned away. The Kilmarnock Police arrived as the couple left. They pursued the couple and found their vehicle on Kamps Mill Road outside of Kilmarnock.

It was determined that the car was leased and had several stolen license plates. Kilmarnock Police along with Deputies from Lancaster County and the State Police searched the area up to 10 o’clock Monday night and the suspects were not found.

The Kilmarnock Police Department is the lead investigator in this matter.