In a story from this week’s Rappahannock Record … replacing Lancaster’s schools could cost an estimated $71 million according to an ad hoc school facilities committee that has been addressing the issue for 18-months.  Reporting to the school board on April 6, it was recommended that the county build a new high school and middle school and renovate the existing middle school facility for elementary classes.  To do this the county would have to raise the real estate tax rate by three cents to implement the recommendations.  Combining the middle and high schools is estimated at $44 million. To convert the existing middle school to an elementary school is estimated at $26 million, for a total estimate of $70.83 million. The estimates do not include the purchase of property, future maintenance and bus facilities.  If the county builds three separate schools it would total $81 million.  As for where the school would be built, several locations have been suggested and the county would have to buy that land.