November 16, 2017 all-day
Westmoreland County Public Schools

The Westmoreland Co. Public School System offers a variety of free special educational programs which serve children between the ages of 2 and 21, inclusive.  In order to located children who are suspected of having a disability, the school system is conducting its annual Child Find Campaign.  Children with a disability whose second birthday falls on or before September 30th of the current school year and have not reached their twenty-second birthday on or before September 30th of this year may be considered for these free programs.

In order to identify and place a child with a disability, Westmoreland County follows an evaluation process.  A committee, including school personnel, parents and other outside sources, meet to consider eligibility criteria.  If a child meets the eligiblity criteria and the disability is found to adversely affect their educational performance, a free appropriate, public education, consisting of special services is provided.  If you think your child may be a disability, please contact Carole Kelley, Director of Special Education at 804-493-8018.