Joe Morrissey Fined

Joe MorrisseyA Virginia lawmaker known for his environmentalism has been fined by a state agency for building a bulkhead at his home along the James River without a permit. The Virginia Marine Resources Commission fined Del. Joe Morrissey $1,000 this week for failing to get a wetlands permit before building the 112-foot cinderblock wall. The Virginian-Pilot reports Morrissey could have faced up to a $10,000 fine. Morrissey says he didn’t know he needed a permit. He says he built the wall for erosion control and that he’s the “poster boy of good water and land management practices.” The Henrico County Democrat has carried legislation to make improper disposal of cigarette butts punishable with a $100 fine and to impose a 5-cent consumer tax on plastic bags retailers give to customers.