NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (AP) — The Democrat has conceded to the Republican in the race for Virginia’s 94th District House seat.

Shelly Simonds used Twitter to announce her concession to Del. David Yancey on Wednesday.

Her concession came more than two months after November’s hotly contested election. Her decision followed a recount that she appeared to win by one vote, a court’s decision to declare a tie and the drawing of names from a bowl that she lost.

Simonds said she didn’t “see any legal pathways forward and I want representation for the 94th district today.”

She said she “tried to make a personal phone call to (Yancey) and would like to ask him to vote for Medicaid expansion.”

Simond’s concession helps Republicans maintain a 51-49 edge in the House. However, a court battle continues over votes in the 28th District.