The Class 1 Region A teams were announced yesterday and a total of 13 players from local teams were selected across the first and second regional teams. Regional Champions Mathews netted a total of 3 first team players and 2 second team players.

The First Regional Team Roster:

  • Anne Stewart (Mathews)
  • Shannon Hayden (West Point)
  • Sarina Darby (Rappahannock)
  • Belle Massimino (Mathews)
  • Latney Hodges (Northumberland)
  • Anna Boswell (Washington & Lee)
  • Carolyn Thornton (Chincoteague)
  • Caroline Crittenden (Mathews)
  • Maria Tumminello (Libero) (Windsor)


The Second Team Regional Roster

  • Meredith Slaw (Rappahannock)
  • Anne Carter Harding (Washington & Lee)
  • Kanijah Brickhouse (Northampton)
  • Taylor Terry (Northampton)
  • Sarah Brown (Mathews)
  • Kylee Sweedo (West Point)
  • Phoebe Walsh (Middlesex)
  • Kayla Felts (Franklin)
  • EJ Bankson (Windsor)
  • Victoria Bing (Libero) (Mathews)


Northumberland’s Kyndal Dawson, Tylor Basye, and Anna Pitts all received Regional Honorable Mentions. Other players from the area with honorable mentions include Hannah Butler of Colonial Beach and Laura Walton of Middlesex.