FREDERICKSBURG – The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has launched 11 active ferry advisory signs for the Merry Point Ferry in Lancaster County and the Sunnybank Ferry in Northumberland County to rapidly communicate ferry operational status to drivers.

Earlier this month, crews posted six signs for the Merry Point Ferry and five signs for Sunnybank Ferry. The signs were installed on routes leading to the ferry entrances.


Ferry service is often suspended for extreme low or high tides, high winds or ice in the river. When ferries are in service, the lights on the advisory signs will flash.


Drivers passing the advisory signs when the lights are not flashing should continue driving instead of turning toward the ferry entrance.


Additionally, the signs will eliminate the need to change signs by hand. VDOT can remotely activate the flashing lights on the new advisory signs within minutes. Previously, an employee had to travel between 28 and 43 miles to physically change all advisory signs on routes leading to the Merry Point and Sunnybank ferries.


New active ferry advisory signs have been installed at the following locations


  • Merry Point Ferry                             
    • 3 signs on Merry Point Road
    • 2 signs on Ottoman Ferry Road
    • 1 sign on Devils Bottom Road


  • Sunnybank Ferry
    • 2 signs on Hacks Neck Road
    • 2 signs on Sunnybank Road
    • 1 sign on Ferry Road


Ferry Background Information


The Merry Point Ferry is located on Route 604 and crosses the Corrotoman River in Lancaster County. Click here for hours of operation.


The Sunnybank Ferry is located on Route 644 and crosses the Little Wicomico River in Northumberland County. Click here for hours of operation.


Motorists can find real-time information on ferry service, lane closures, work zones, traffic and other incidents on 511Virginia.

Download the  free mobile 511Virginia app for Apple and Android devices to stay connected, or visit Motorists also can reach 511Virginia by calling 511 from any phone in Virginia.