Northumberland County Sheriff James R. “Doc” Lyons announces the results of the successful completion of “Operation Northside Grind.”

The 6-month investigation led to the arrest of 37 people on a total of 48 different felonies and 15 misdemeanors that are all drug-related charges indicted through a Multi-jurisdictional Grand Jury and Magistrate warrants.

Those arrested were from Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond and Westmoreland counties and Newport News and range in age from 19 to 74.

Sheriff Lyons says the operation was conducted by his officers and members of the Chesapeake Bay Narcotics Task Force.

Here is a complete list of those arrested from the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

25 y/o Delonte Montel Johnson of Richmond County, 47 y/o Brian Painter of Lancaster, 25 y/o Christian Birckett of Callao, 60 y/o Elston Ricardo Haley of Lancaster, 74 y/o Barbara Bullock Johns of Lancaster County, 37 y/o Karee Lynette Sutton of Lancaster County, 36 y/o Hayes Jerome Johnson of Lancaster County, 44 y/o Kimberly Dawn Benson of Lancaster County, 23 y/o James Christopher Williams of Callao, 49 y/o James Lee Williams of Callao, 27 y/o Lacey Renea Edwards Michalik of Heathsville, 32 y/o Ashli Joanne Dunford of Heathsville, 32 y/o Tirrell Jervon Samuel of Heathsville, 40 y/o Ernest Leroy Jackson, Jr. of Heathsville, 28 y/o Scyler Alexander Sterling Folan of Lancaster, 20 y/o Brennan Jessie King of Warsaw, 37 y/o LeVaughn Laffiam Seldon of Callao, 34 y/o Byron “Scot” Hydrusko of Heathsville, 67 y/o Thomas William Beck of Reedville, 36 y/o Troy Lamont Carter of Heathsville, 51 y/o Percell Elwood Noel of Heathsville, 22 y/o Douglas Randall Broadus of Lancaster, 21 y/o Logan Gregory Hunter of Village, 59 y/o Stacey L. Reynolds of Heathsville, 37 y/o Nathaniel Jerroll Turner of Hague, 29 y/o Orin Purshawn Lee of Lancaster, 21 y/o Jacob Franklin Maillet of Callao, 32 y/o Cintez Carneal Gibson of Lancaster County, 27 y/o Micah Lee Mitchell of Lancaster, 34 y/o Quinton Edward Turner of Hague, 42 y/o Carla Parker of Burgess, 25 y/o Cameron Kendal Evans of Newport News, 60 y/o Jacqueline Cecilia Jackson of Hague, 23 y/o Russell Scott of Warsaw, 19 y/o Lawrence Michael Jenkins of Heathsville, Dakota Galvez of Heathsville and Kareen Campbell of Heathsville.