(Information from: Richmond Times-Dispatch, http://www.timesdispatch.com)

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — At least a dozen businesses are closed in the Richmond area as part of the nationwide “A Day Without Immigrants” protest.

Martin Gonzalez is the owner of La Milpa, a restaurant and grocer in Chesterfield County, which is one of several area businesses closed Thursday. He tells The Richmond Times-Dispatch that immigrants are showing they “actually contribute to the economy.”

In Henrico County, El Ray Latino Market put a sign on its door in Spanish. The sign read: “Closed Feb 16; Reason: Standing up for Hispanics.”

Bill Paulette, chairman and CEO of a construction company KBS Inc., says a number of his employees didn’t show up for work on Thursday.

“A Day Without Immigrants” is meant to show how critical immigrants are to the U.S. economy.