How to Prepare Your Home for Severe Winter Weather Courtesy of Blossman Gas

  • Schedule your tank and appliances for a maintenance check by your propane provider
  • Be sure there is an adequate supply of fuel in the tank. Federal regulations do not allow propane providers to fill your tank more than 80%. Your optimal tank level is between 25% and 80%. If your level is below 20%, please contact your service provider for a fill.
  • Keep the area around your propane tank and any vents, chimneys, flues free from ice and snow.
  • Be sure your propane generator is well-maintained, stored outdoors away from open windows and doors, and there is adequate supply of fuel in the tank; and be sure to use high-quality extension cords designed for outside use to connect your propane generator to your home.
  • NEVER store propane tank indoors.
  • Notify your propane provider immediately if you run out of propane as a qualified technician must check for leaks before turning the gas back on.

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