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4/21BaseballChristchurch @ Hampton Roads AcademyChristchurch6-1
4/21-4:30pmGirls SoccerChristchurch hosts VeritasVeritas5-0
4/21-4:30pmGirls SoccerEssex Girls host New Kent
4/21-6pmGirls LacrosseChristchurch @ Williamsburg Warriors
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4/22-5pmBaseball/SoftballEssex hosts Lancaster
4/22-5pmBaseball/SoftballRappahannock @ W&L
4/22-5pmBaseball/SoftballNorthumberland @ Colonial Beach
4/22-5pmBaseball/SoftballMiddlesex @ Charles City
4/22-JV 5:30pm Varsity 7pmSoccerNorthumberland Girls @ LaFayetteMoved to Wednesday, 4/23
4/23-4pmGirls TennisEssex host Middlesex
4/23-6pm Varsity OnlyBoys SoccerEssex @ Lancaster
4/23-6pm Varsity OnlyGirls SoccerEssex host Lancaster
4/23-JV 5:30pm Varsity 7pmSoccerRappahannock host W&L
4/23-4:30pmGirls SoccerSt. Margarets @ Christchurch
4/23-4pmBoys LacosseChristchurch @ Covenant
4/23-4pmGirls LacrosseChristchurch @ Cape Henry
4/24-5pmSoftballEssex host Rappahannock
4/24-7pmBaseballEssex host Rappahannock
4/24-5pmBaseball/SoftballW&L @ Northumberland
4/24-5pmBaseball/SoftballLancaster @ Mathews
4/24Track & FieldEssex, W&L, & Lancaster @ Northumberland
4/24Track & FieldRappahannock & Middlesex @ Charles City
4/24-4pmGirls TennisRappahannock host Appomattox Reg. Gov School
4/25-6pmSoftballNorthumberland host St. Annes Belfield
4/25-7pmBaseball/SoftballLancaster @ Middlesex
4/25-4:30pmSoftballSt. Margarets host Covenant
4/25-2pmBaseballChristchurch @ Woodberry ForestDouble Header
4/25-5pmBoys SoccerEssex host Nandua
4/25-4:30Girls SoccerEssex @ St. Margarets
4/25-JV 5:30pm Varsity 7pmGirls SoccerW&L Girls @ Northumberland
4/25-6pmGirls SoccerLancaster host North Hampton
4/25-4:30pmGirls SoccerChristchurch host Richard ChristianVarsity Only
4/26-1pmBaseball/SoftballColonial Beach Western Albemerle
4/26-11amBaseball/SoftballSt. Margarets host St. Annes Belfield
4/26-1pmBoys LacrosseChristchurch host Potomac School
4/26College SoftballRCC @ VCU Club
4/28-5pmSoftballEssex hosts West Point
4/28-5pmBaseballNorthumberland @ West Point
4/28-5pmBaseball/SoftballMiddlesex @ King William
4/28-4pmGirls TennisEssex hosts Rappahannock
4/28-3:30pmGirls TennisMathews @ York
4/28-JV 5:30pm; Varsity 7pmBoys SoccerEssex @ Rappahannock
4/28-6pmBoys SoccerW&L host NorthumberlandVarsity Only
4/28-JV 5:30pm; Varsity 7pmGirls SoccerNorthumberland @ King William
4/28-4pmGirls SoccerLancaster @ ChristchurchVarsity Only
4/28-JV 5:30pm; Varsity 7pmSoccerMiddlesex @ Mathews
4/28-JV 5:30pm; Varsity 7pmBoys SoccerKing William @ Chesterfield Community
4/29-5pmBaseball/SoftballEssex @ Colonial Beach
4/29-5pmBaseball/SoftballRappahannock hosts Northumberland
4/29-5pmBaseball/SoftballW&L hosts Lancaster
4/29-5pmBaseball/SoftballKing & Queen @ Middlesex
4/29-5pmBaseball/SoftballKing William @ Charles City
4/29-5pmBaseball/SoftballWest Point @ Mathews
4/29-4:30pmSoftballSt. Margarets @ St. Catherines
4/29-4:15pmBaseballChristchurch @ Trinity
4/29-6pmGirls SoccerNorthumberland @ CarolineVarsity Only
4/29-JV 5:30pm; Varsity 7pmGirls SoccerKing William @ Goochland
4/29-5pmBoys LacrosseChristchurch host Collegiate
4/29-4pmGirls LacrosseChristchurch @ NSA
4/30-5pmBaseball/SoftballRappahannock @ Colonial Beach
4/30-4pmSoftballSt. Margarets hosts Trinity
4/30-5pmBaseballChristchurch @ Norfolk Christian
4/30-4pmGirls TennisEssex @ West Point
4/30-4:30pmGirls TennisMiddlesex @ North Hampton
4/30-JV 5:30pm; Varsity 7pmSoccerRappahannock @ Northumberland
4/30-7pmBoys SoccerW&L hosts Lancaster
4/30-5pmGirls SoccerW&L host Lancaster
4/30-JV 5:30pm; Varsity 7pmSoccerMiddlesex @ West Point
4/30-JV 5:30pm; Varsity 7pmBoys SoccerKing William host Mathews
4/30-4pmGirls SoccerChristchurch @ Banner Christian
4/30Girls LacrosseChristchurch @ Courtland
5/1-5pmBaseball/SoftballEssex hosts W&L
5/1-5pmSoftballColonial Beach hosts Caroline
5/1-5pmBaseball/SoftballKing & Queen @ King William
5/1-5pmBaseball/SoftballWest Point @ Charles City
5/1-5pmBaseball/SoftballNorthumberland @ MAthews
5/1-5pmTrack & FieldEssex, W&L, Northumberland @ Charles City
5/1-5pmTrack & FieldLancaster, King & Queen, Middlesex, Mathews @ West Point
5/1-3:30pmGirls TennisMathews @ Bruton
5/1-5pmGirls LacrosseChristchurch host Midlothian
5/2-4:30pmBaseballEssex @ Windsor
5/2-5pmSoftballNorthumberland @ Lancaster
5/2-7pmBaseballNorthumberland @ Lancaster
5/2-7pmBaseball/SoftballMiddlesex @ Mathews
5/2-4pmSoftballSt. Margarets @ Covenant
5/2-4:30pmBaseballChristchurch hosts Trinity
5/2-3pmTrack & FieldLancaster @ GloucesterInvitational
5/2-4:30pmGirls TennisWest Point host Winsor
5/2-JV 5:30pm; Varsity 7pmBoys SoccerEssex @ W&L
5/2-JV 5:30pm; Varsity 7pmGirls SoccerEssex host W&L
5/2-6pmBoys SoccerLancaster @ MathewsVarsity Only
5/2-JV 5:30pm; Varsity 7pmSoccerMiddlesex @ King William
5/2-JV 5:30pm; Varsity 7pmGirls SoccerWest Point host George Wythe
5/2-4pmGirls SoccerSt.Margarets host Collegiate
5/2-4pmBoys LacrosseChristchurch @ St. Marys Ryken
5/3-1pmGirls SoftballSt. Margarets host St. Gertrude
5/3Track & FieldWest Point Invitational
5/3-5pmGirls LacrosseChristchurch @ Wakefield
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