Stephen Anderson Lawsuit

On Tuesday (April 29) of next week a $10-million Wrongful-Death Lawsuit against Stephen C. Andersen is to get underway in Westmoreland County Circuit Court in the death of 49 year-old Sally Rumsey. The civil lawsuit was filed several years ago by Sarah Thrift, Rumsey’s eldest daughter from a previous marriage.The suit aims to end Andersen’s control over the popular restaurant Good Eats in Kinsale and other properties he and his late wife co-owned. Rumsey’s share was willed to him upon her death.The death certificate classified Rumsey’s death as a suicide caused by “hypothermia due to environmental cold exposure.”In a 2011 report from the Free-Lance Star, Westmoreland County Sheriff C. O. Balderson said the case has been revisited and he rejects the suicide finding and Andersen is subject of interest in the case. Sheriff Balderson said that his office and the Virginia State Police are treating this as an active case.A seven-person jury will be tasked to determine over a three-day trial whether Andersen had a role in the death of his wife and business partner.

Stephen Anderson