Marvin Wendell Davenport, Jr. of Warsaw was arraigned last Friday in


Lancaster County Circuit Court on two felony charges of possession of a


weapon by a violent felon and reckless handling of a firearm.


These charges are for an incident at a July, 2010 yard party in Nuttsville that


ended in the death of Jasmine Smith who was hit by a stray bullet and died


on route to the hospital.


Davenport is serving time in the Northern Neck Regional Jail on unrelated


charges from another county.


Also charged with the firearms felonies was his cousin Demar Antonio


Davenport and a cousin of the victim Kevin O’Neil Fauntleroy. They were


arraigned on April 21st and Demar Davenport and Fauntleroy were granted


bond last week. No one has been charged with Smith’s murder.


The Davenports’ cases are set for trial on June 30; Fauntleroy’s for July 7.