In recent months, the Warsaw Police Department successfully applied for and was awarded a highly competitive United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Grant to assist in the purchase of two new Ford Explorer SUV’s. Police Chief, Joan Kent, said the impetus for applying for the grant was “… to replace an aging 2008 Crown Victoria and 2010 Crown Victoria. These new additions will allow us to replace these vehicles with two 4-wheel drive SUV’s, assisting us in both winter and off-road situations. The past few winters have been difficult to navigate with our current Taurus’ and Crown Victoria’s. We are extremely pleased to have been selected for this grant,” she said.

Town Manager, Joseph Quesenberry, stated that “Out of the twenty-six counties and all of the various towns therein, we are one of only two jurisdictions to receive this grant. I think that speaks to the exceptional quality of our Chief of Police and our Police Force. We’re incredibly excited to receive this grant and thank Tara Delaney and the USDA for being great to work with,” he said.

For more information regarding this project, please contact Joseph Quesenberry, Town Manager, at (804) 333-3737, or by email at