Back in 1988, the Virginia Legislature passed “State Joint Resolution Number 71” that named the Urbanna Oyster Festival as the state’s official oyster festival.


This coming Wednesday, October 4th, at 10am in Urbanna … Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade Todd Haymore will reaffirm with a proclamation that the festival continues to be the state’s “official oyster festival.” The ceremony will be held at the Urbanna Town Marina at the

foot of Virginia Street.


Particularly in recent years, with the revival of the state’s oyster industry, there are now several smaller oyster festivals throughout the state—but the only official state festival is the Urbanna Oyster Festival.


At the ceremony on Wednesday, world champion oyster shucker Deborah Pratt will demonstrate her oyster shucking skills and festival chair Joe Heyman will honor the area’s oyster farmers and this year’s festival grand marshal and captain.

The 60th Annual Urbanna Oyster festival will be held on Friday and Saturday, November 3rd and 4th.